Connecting People, Understanding Needs, Solving Problems

When aFit provides augmented staffing for high level professional and tech needs, it will be a good fit because Julie Phillips is truly an expert.

As a former Partner with Accenture, she grew and delivered a public sector professional services practice across North America. She understands large systems implementations, how to work as part of multi-vendor teams, and how to cultivate good business and technology outcomes.



With over 25 years in a global consulting firm, Julie gained invaluable experience leading large teams in government contracts and developed a rich network of resources.


Building on that foundation, Julie decided to take a more entrepreneurial route for serving her clients. aFit’s agile structure allows her to deliver resource services that are not only highly responsive, but consistent with outcome-driven results.


Julie enjoys linking people with specific skill sets to projects that need good staff. She meets with every person staffed on an aFit project, and she views every connection – with public entity or private vendor – as a respected partnership.


“I’m good at connecting people and I understand how to solve problems when it comes to government and tech applications. I find it exciting and invigorating to provide this service.”

Julie Phillips


Certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE)

aFit is a certified WBE – and an authentic one with integrity, standing above other WBE staff augmentation companies by bringing deep experience and a wide network of relationships to the table. This combination comes only from decades of knowledge gained and lessons learned.


They say you can ‘hear’ a difference when people smile while talking on the phone.

If that is so, it’s because motivation matters.

There is a subtle difference in the results you get with aFit Staffing, Inc. – and it all has to do with the motivation of owner and President Julie Phillips. She is the driving force behind this unique professional services company. Her motivation – her passion – is to connect talented people with great projects.

The aFit mission is to connect people with client projects that will leverage and grow their skills. The results speak for themselves.


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